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New Social Media Brand Ambassadors Practice from Mastermind Lets Brands Engage with Consumers | Business

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New Social Media Brand Ambassadors Practice from Mastermind Lets Brands Engage with Consumers

New Social Media Brand Ambassadors Practice from Mastermind Lets Brands Engage with Consumers

Atlanta-based Mastermind, a leading social, mobile, digital and promotion agency, this week launched an innovative Social Media Brand Ambassador practice designed to allow brands to actively engage customers, promote their products, and respond quickly to inquiries and complaints.  The agency will recruit ambassadors nationwide and engage them on behalf of clients to promote discussion and raise the level of social media conversation for specific brands.

Potential ambassadors will be chosen from a range of demographic groups, interest areas, and geographic regions.  Those interested in applying should go to www.mastermindmarketing.com.

“Social media is the place for brands to listen, monitor, engage and measure consumer sentiment about their respective products and services,” says Joe Schab, president and COO of Mastermind.  “Our Social Ambassador practice will employ peer-to peer-communication in a way that will allow brands to involve consumers on their terms. People trust peers more than top down brand messaging. Social ambassadors leverage that fact.”

One recent example of how a brand leveraged peer engagement is Ford’s Fiesta Movement, a grassroots social media campaign to promote the new model by placing Fiestas in the hands of 100 social “agents” and having them promote the new vehicle through Twitter, blogs, video, and events, all without spending a dollar on traditional media.

The six month campaign garnered more than four million YouTube views, 500,000 Flickr views, three million Twitter impressions and 50,000 interested potential customers. 97 percent of these hand-raisers were not current Ford customers.

These types of campaigns create awareness and interest for a brand or product - so much so, that when done properly, they can be many times more effective than a traditional media blitz.

Mastermind recommends these guidelines brands should follow when implementing a social media brand ambassador campaign:

1.     Communicate Clearly.  To make sure your brand ambassadors succeed, arm them with the knowledge necessary to spread the word about your products and services. Your company's influencers and representatives should have a strong working knowledge of your products and be able to discuss your products as they relate to needs in the marketplace.

2.     Tap into Satisfied Customers First. Find those customers who are thrilled with their experience. Get them to provide you with an endorsement or testimonial you can use with customer prospects and in your marketing and communications materials.  Arm them with the tools to spread their success stories to others.

3.     Compensate Ambassadors Fairly. Social media campaigns are not an excuse for brands to get free or low cost labor.  Use a creative incentive package, with a mix of attainable awards and monetary compensation.

4.     Respect Your Ambassador’s Network. One of the benefits of running a social campaign with influencers is that you then have access to those influencer's networks. Be mindful of what you're asking your ambassadors to do.  Too much network outreach is liable to do more harm than good.

5.     Be Transparent - Your ambassador will likely notice problems before you do, so you'll need to be fully transparent with them.  If a part of the campaign isn't going as planned, be sure to communicate what went wrong, and how it's being fixed.

6.     Create a Compelling Incentive or Contest - Social media brand ambassador programs work best when there is a contest or incentive involved. Make sure the incentive is compelling enough for your ambassador to want to promote your brand and the contest is engaging enough to get users interested in your brand.

7.     Make it fun - If your campaign isn't fun, your ambassador, their network or users won't participate at a high level.  Structure your campaign to keep your ambassadors consistently engaged and interested.

8.     Integrate other media channels - As much as we love it, social media is not the end-all be-all. It is one component, albeit a growing one – of your overall marketing mix. To gain the best bang, incorporate other channels: POS, public relations, paid search, and even traditional advertising in the mix.

 About Mastermind

Mastermind is one of the nation’s leading social, mobile, digital and promotion agency. The agency brings the most innovative techniques to bear for its clients.  Today, through its proprietary “Involvement Marketing” platform, the agency is using social, mobile, digital and promotion to mobilize, motivate and activate client campaigns.  Mastermind programs increase acquisition, sales, cross-sell, retention, loyalty, and customer satisfaction, resulting in higher ROI.

Mastermind is honored to work with leading brands such as Verizon, BMW, Tele Atlas, Coca-Cola, and UPS, among many others.  Its industry expertise cuts across a range of industries, including automotive, financial, grocery, health care, media, non-profit, restaurant, retail, shipping/logistics, sports and entertainment, and telecom/cable.

The agency is ranked in the Top 35 Integrated Marketing and Promotion Agencies by Advertising Age and has been one of PROMO 100 for more than 25 years.  Mastermind is based Atlanta, with staff in Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City.  For more information, visit Mastermind online at www.MastermindMarketing.com.