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ROME: The 50-State Challenge - Could you do it? | News

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ROME: The 50-State Challenge - Could you do it?

ROME, Ga. -- One family is taking on a challenge to travel to all 50 states in just 6 months.

"We have 5 children," said Brian Tuten. "They are Kendall who is 8 years old, Chloe who is 6 years old, Sydney who is 4 years old, Elijah who is 2 years old, and Tirzah who is one year old." 

Five young children, all asking for the same thing.

"They asked if they could have more Daddy time," Brian said.

"He always goes to work and won't come home except for bed time," his daughter Kendall added.

Realizing how much his kids needed him, Brian took a sabbatical from his job as a software designer, and the family embarked on a journey like never before.

"We came up with was this family adventure where we would travel to all 50 states and do a family adventure in each state," Brian said.

The van is loaded, kids are belted, and a new place is calling.

Life on the road is a routine for the Tuten Family these days. They are on the 50-State Challenge.

It is not only a challenge to explore every part of America in just 6 months, but also a challenge to promote what matters most - family.

Every two days, a new state, a new adventure, and a new chance to bond with their kids.

Camping, zip-lining, propelling, kayaking. You name it, they've done it!

Perhaps their visit to Berry College in Rome, Georgia was the most sentimental.

It's the place Brian and Jodi Tutuen met, got engaged, and said "I do," 13 years ago this week.

"He slipped a ring on my finger and I thought, oh funny, such a funny little friend," Jodi said. "Then he started speaking and I was like, OHHHHH!!!!"

Giving their little ones a history lesson in every state, it's a journey filled with tons of driving, and plenty of noise, but most importantly, quality time as they conquer the other 27 states - together.

"We're hoping that families will see what we are doing and maybe even go camping even once in their back yard, or go to a picnic together or just sit down and talk," Brian said. "Everyone's family is amazing, if they'd just spend time with them."