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Berry College's Bald Eagle nest camera now streaming | News

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Berry College's Bald Eagle nest camera now streaming
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Berry College's Bald Eagle nest camera now streaming

ROME-- When two bald eagles decided to make Berry College home in March of 2012, students gathered to watch. When they had two offspring around Christmas 2012, wildlife photographers and bird enthusiasts from across Georgia came for a peek. Now, this fall, the world will watch through two live streaming cameras.

The two views include a wider shot, "the approach cam" and an up-close shot showing the inside of the nest, "the nest cam".

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Berry College Director of News and Editorial Services Chris Kozelle tells 11Alive's Julie Wolfe the nest at the top of a pine tree near a parking lot was so high, they couldn't get a closer camera in place without help. Thursday, Georgia Power donated a truck and manpower to install a small wireless camera with a direct view of the nest.  The camera was donated by Sony and the wireless transmission and equipment was donated by Fluid Mesh Networks. Jim Ozier, a representative from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, was on site to offer support. At the time the new camera was installed, the eagles were not in the nest. But they quickly returned, offering a stunning view of the pair inside the nest.

Eagles often use the same nest year after year.  Over time, the nests become enormous, weighing two tons. Since bald eagles remain with the same mate until one dies, officials at Berry College are hoping the pair will nest and lay eggs in the same tree this fall. Their return right after the camera was installed is a good sign. "But they're wild animals," Kozelle said. "You never know."

The older Eagle Cam is mounted nearby and shows a wide-shot of the eagles nest. The new up-close camera can be seen from that angle. It's perched just above and to the side of the nest. The camera went live Wednesday, September 18th. 

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